spearfish.jpgThe city of Spearfish is situated in the valley of the Spearfish Creek which runs through the town, and at the mouth of the beautiful Spearfish Canyon. It is knows as the "Queen City" due to its surrounding three prominent mountain peaks- Lookout Mountain, Spearfish Mountain and Crow Peak- which form a "crown" circling the city. Spearfish continues and grow and flourish. The community is home to the third largest university in the state, Black Hills State University, and has many locally owned businesses growing and expanding every year. With Spearfish's stunning natural setting, it's business savvy professionals, and educational opportunities, it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Spearfish Canyon

Spearfish Canyon is a beautiful 20 mile journey that begins at the Spearfish Countryspearfish canyon3.JPG Cluband ends at Cheyenne Crossing- the canyon is one of the oldest and most miraculous canyons in the west. Sitting at ranges of 7,200 feet high today, and only one mile wide, 'close and upward', it dwarfs the one million annual visitors. Geologists estimate the creation of Spearfish Canyon originated 62 million years ago, noting that it is 12-times older than the Grand Canyon. Amazing views and trails make the canyon the heart of Spearfish for most locals.

Photos Courtesy of www.visitrapidcity.com and www.blackhillsreservations.com

Sandy  Donahue and Shelby Lund
Sandy Donahue and Shelby Lund
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